ROTAR is a vertical rotating shelf storage system ideal for archive and office storage.

ROTAR is a vertical carousel storage system ideal for archive and office storage.

Handling of the storage system is achieved via a push button panel or a PC with control and operating software available on request. Retrieval operations are quick, with operators working in total safety.


The vertical carousel system is covered with reinforced steel panels, also having structural functions. A small panel to access mechanical elements is located under the work surface.

Some of the storage carousel controls are positioned in the front part of the working surface while, upon it is placed the operating panel which does set and execute all the controls. Among them there is also the main electrical switch with a door lock device, conceived to protect electric and electronic equipment inside the electric board compartment.

The loading bay is protected by a couple of manual vertical sliding doors, provided with a key locking system. The working surface placed outside the loading bay is made of scratchproof bi-laminated chipboard with PVC shockproof edges.

The panels composing the covering and framework of the system are all painted with baked enamels after phosphodegreasing.


Easy-to-use and functional, Icam software enables immediate tracking and tracing of the archived material, by ensuring time-savings.

Advantages Overview

  • Immediate tracking, tracing and availability of documents
  • Security of archived documents due to the access of authorized staff only
  • Time-savings as a result of automated search and tracing
  • Track and trace of every archived document and operation, which avoids mixing up/losing documents
  • Operational flexibility: the quantity of wireless portable terminals may be increased according to Plug & Play mode
  • Watch our ROTAR System in Operation:

    Key Benefits of our ROTAR Systems

  • Exploitation of vertical space
  • Convenient operator position
  • Faster picking operations
  • Connectability to PCs
  • Climate control optional
  • Protection from dust/product damage
  • Series ROTAR 200 ROTAR 300
    Load Capacity (kg) 120 120
    Width (mm) 2200/2500/2700/2900 2200/2500/2700/2900
    Depth (mm) 360/420 360/420
    Height (mm) 270 300
    Quantity 8 - 20 17 - 30
    Load Capacity (kg) 2000 3000
    Width (mm) 2570/2870/3070/3270 2570/2870/3070/3270
    Depth (mm) 1140 1140
    Height (mm) 2030 - 4500 3030 - 5450

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